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Classifying our services allows us to identify home and business owners’ preferences and needs in their construction projects. It is how we keep improving, updating, and adding new services to our portfolio. As part of our construction management service, we also offer consulting.

Our commercial designs are based on the consulting and market research result.

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We are a construction management and consulting company targeting residential and commercial entities in a variety of industry sectors. Macro performs according to the new challenges the economy and environment present. We are not only focused on structure; we provide home and business owners a better place where homeowners enjoy living and where businesses deliver successful customer experiences.


For our community, our mission is to offer job opportunities where they can grow personally and professionally and contribute to our environment, creating sustainable projects using eco-friendly tools and ideas. For our customers, our mission is to increase their quality of life by providing trendy and innovative places according to their needs and budgets.


Our vision is to be a successful, innovative, employee-friendly consulting/construction management company in U.S. and build places where homeowners feel happy and comfortable and businesses cause an impact. One day, all people will have the opportunity to live in a nice place according to their needs, and small businesses will present the right image to customers from the start-up.

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