Our Solutions

Construction Project Management: We are responsible for the project from the planning to completion; we oversee all the aspects involved in the planning, execution, and fulfillment of the project. Our goal is to fulfill all the ideas and needs of home and business owners along the way. We do the project evaluation, cost analysis, scheduling, time frame, and hiring, and as construction managers, we put our leadership and communication skills at the front.

  • As part of our construction management service, we also offer consulting. It is recommendable for small business owners interested in improving their business image. We do market research to identify what their clients think about the business, what their expectations are, and the trends in their particular industry. Homeowners can take advantage of the consulting to explore diverse solutions for their problems and select the best according to their needs and budget.
  • Our commercial designs are based on the consulting and market research result.

Remodeling Project Management: Whether or not a home or business owner’s decision is doing it himself, our work is to ensure that every part of the project is according to all codes and specifications, and we use the highest quality of products.

  • Refurbishment and fit out are part of our remodeling project management service; Macro has the right subcontractors to make your home or business project a success.
  • Remodeling for the elderly and people with disabilities is part of our commitment to our community. Remodeling with social impact gives Macro the expertise in developing, adapting, and altering a residential or commercial building according to the ADA standards.

Our Approach